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FairPensions campaigns for major institutional investors to adopt
Responsible Investment: using shareholder power
to hold companies to account.

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Latest News

Traditional thinking on tobacco investing goes up in smoke

report released today casts serious doubt over the assertion that pension funds are ‘duty bound' to invest in tobacco to stop reposession.

Government plans to tackle high pay won't work without responsible shareholders

FairPensions has responded to Vince Cable's decision to hand more power to shareholders in order to curb excessive executive pay. Speaking in response to Cable's announcement, the charity's CEO said that binding shareholder votes won't be enough to challenge a culture of spiralling remuneration for company directors.

Pensions Minister gives nod of approval to FairPensions' work

In an adjournment debate in the House of Commons today the Pensions Minister, Steve Webb MP, gave a warm response to a speech on responsible capitalism from Jon Cruddas MP.

Responsible capitalism needs responsible shareholders, says Jon Cruddas MP

In a speech in parliament later today Jon Cruddas MP will argue that the political debate on ‘responsible capitalism' has not gone far enough to deliver real change. The MP for Dagenham will insist that shareholder activism can be part of a more responsible capitalism, but that giving shareholders new powers will not be enough to achieve this.

Investors should persuade supermarkets to pay Living Wages

FairPensions has responded to a report, released today by the Fair Pay Network, on low pay in Supermarkets. With almost 900,000 people working for one of Britain's four largest supermarkets, the report exposes the widespread low pay problem in the sector.

Give people power over their capital

FairPensions has responded to this morning's speech on employee ownership by the Deputy Prime Minister.

Pensiorers and their properties

The majority of campaigners agree that more needs to be done to support and protect pensioners and their properties. With rogue traders and cowboy builders often victimising the vulnerable, like pensioners, clearer licensing and penalties for those who fail to comply whilst working on a pensioners property needs to be mandatory. Often properties owned by pensioners also need more ongoing work and maintence, due to their age and contents (like accessible baths and/or specialist furniture). The same goes for pensioners buying and selling properties. They, like others, must rely on experienced party wall surveyors London and tradespeople for expert advice and insight when purchasing or selling their property. Lets not let them be put at risk by lax regulations and ineffectie penalties.


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