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Our Member Organisations

Our Member Organisations add power to our campaigns by giving us their public support, sharing their expertise and donating funds.

If you work for an organisation with an interest in corporate responsibility, good returns on pensions, environmental or social issues, why not ask them to join FairPensions? We’re especially keen to hear from local trade unions, faith groups and community organisations. Want to know more about the benefits of membership?

Recruit a Member Organisation

  • Access is a global movement premised on the belief that political participation and the realization of human rights in the 21st century is increasingly dependent on access to the internet and other forms of technology. Founded in the wake of the 2009 Iranian post-election crackdown, Access teams with digital activists and civil society groups internationally to build their technical capacity and to help them advocate globally for their digital rights.

    " has been a real pleasure to work with the FairPensions Team on the Telco campaign. Professional, strategic, fun and outcome oriented - you guys are the perfect combination!" - Brett Soloman, Executive Director of Access

  • ActionAid is an international anti-poverty agency, formed in 1972. Operating in 42 countries worldwide, ActionAid works with local community groups, national alliances and international networks helping the most vulnerable people claim their rights to food, shelter, work, education and healthcare.

     “Our analysis is that poverty and human rights violations are, at root, about power, and the work of FairPensions is one way of tackling that, through the huge power shareholders hold.”
    Meredith Alexander, Head of Trade & Corporates at ActionAid

  • Amnesty International is a campaigning organisation which aims to protect people wherever justice, fairness, freedom and truth are denied.

  • BECTU, The Broadcasting Entertainment Cinematograph and Theatre Union, is the independent trade union for people working in broadcasting, film, theatre, entertainment, leisure, interactive media and allied areas.

  • CAFOD is the official overseas development and relief agency of the Catholic Church in England and Wales. With a belief in the dignity of all human beings, CAFOD promotes human development, equal access to resources and social justice in 34 countries worldwide through cooperative working with 500 partner organisations in the UK and overseas.

    CAFOD has campaigned with FairPensions on the environmental and social impact of irresponsible mining practices by companies in the developing world. Read about it on our Campaigns page.

  • Christian Aid is a Christian organisation that insists the world can and must be swiftly changed to one where everyone can live a full life, free from poverty. We provide urgent, practical and effective assistance where need is great, tackling the effects of poverty as well as its root causes.

  • Citizens UK is the national home of community organising in Britain. Their goal is to increase the power of communities to participate in public life.

  • Conflict Risk Network is a network of institutional investors, financial service providers and related stakeholders calling on corporate actors to fulfill their responsibility to respect human rights and to take steps that support peace and stability in areas affected by genocide and mass atrocities. Our goal is to increase such behavior by corporate actors, and thereby reduce conflict risk.

  • The Ecumenical Council for Corporate Responsibility (ECCR) has been campaigning for economic justice, environmental stewardship, and corporate and investor responsibility for almost 20 years.  A respected voice of expertise in the field, it produces research and reports, monitors corporate performance and lobbies company executives and Board meetings directly on specific issues.

  • EIRIS is the leading global provider of independent research into the social, environmental and ethical performance of companies. With offices in the UK USA and Japan, EIRIS provides comprehensive research of more than 2,800 companies in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific and has over 70 institutional clients.  EIRIS is a subsidiary of The EIRIS Foundation.

  • Greenpeace stands for positive change through action, seeking to investigate, expose and confront environmental abuse by governments and corporations around the world as well as championing environmentally responsible and socially just solutions, including scientific and technical innovation.

    Greenpeace campaigned with FairPensions on the issue of tar sands extraction, with UK Executive Director John Sauven commenting,

    "The exploitation of the tar sands is an environmental scandal on a massive scale, and is set to become a campaign battleground for years to come. Shell's shareholders should know that once the public finds out what's really going on in Canada the company's reputation will suffer badly, and no amount of expensive advertising will help."


  • The NUJ is the voice for journalists and journalism. It is a campaigning organisation seeking to improve the pay and conditions its members and to protect and promote media freedom, professionalism and ethical standards in all media.  The NUJ also campaigns for workers’ rights and freedom of speech worldwide.

  • The National Federation of Occupational Pensioners (formerly UNITE, The National Federation of Royal Mail & BT Pensioners) is the oldest and the largest occupational pensioner organisation in the United Kingdom. As well as providing local fellowship and support, UNITE campaigns to improve the lives of its members on issues such as improved pensions, health services and transport.

  • The Occupational Pensioners' Alliance is a democratic, non-party political organisation of occupational pensioners' associations in the UK, representing the interests of over 2 million occupational pensioners.

    "The OPA supports FairPensions because we believe that sustainability and the stability of the whole financial system are necessary requirements for the security of all our pension funds. We believe the policy of FairPensions in seeking Responsible Investment will help to ensure this aim."  ~ Gordon Williams, OPA



  • Oxfam is one of the best known international charities, fighting poverty through campaigning, development work and emergency relief.  Active in over 70 countries, Oxfam addresses poverty by focusing on issues such as health, gender equality, conflict, climate change and private sector investment.

    “Large, powerful trans-national companies and corporations in particular, have an enormous impact on poor people in the developing world.  Investing far more than governments can ever deliver through overseas aid, they can create new jobs and opportunities, generate wages for buying more goods and services, and teach important new skills.

    "But left unchecked, their investment can do more harm than good. Because when large international companies pay low wages, allow bad and dangerous working conditions, and neglect people’s rights – as they sometimes do – it’s much harder for people to lift themselves out of poverty.”
    Oxfam website

  • The Public and Commercial Services Union is the fifth largest trade union in the UK, with over 300,000 members, campaigning for fair pay and conditions, decent pensions for all and equality in the workplace and beyond.

  • UCU is the largest trade union and professional association for academics, lecturers, trainers, researchers and academic-related staff working in further and higher education throughout the UK.

  • UNISON is Britain and Europe's largest public sector union with more than 1.3 million members. UNISON campaigns and lobbies on key issues including equal pay and employment rights, safety in the workplace, as well as fuel poverty and fair trade. In 2005, UNISON launched its Capital Stewardship Programme to promote the pensions investment interests of its members. The programme supports members in joining pension fund boards, engages with companies in which members’ funds invest and promotes policies for corporate and social responsibility.

    “Pensions investments are a crucial trade union issue. These investments are made up of our deferred pay and contributions – it’s all our money.  We have responsibilities for this money and the way it is invested. The current economic crisis reminds us that our future benefits are at risk if our investments are not looked after properly. We need to make sure that our money is not used anymore to do harm to the wider financial system. We want to make sure that we do not allow badly run companies to turn a blind eye to child labour, corruption, environmental damage or ignore workers rights”.
    John Gray, Regional Finance Convener, Unison

  • Unite is Britain's largest union with two million members in every type of workplace. With a vision of respect for all, a prosperous society and healthy working environments, Unite organises campaigns and provides member services, including education, legal advice and a benevolent fund. Unite also works with trade unions around the world to confront the challenges of the globalised economy.

  • The WWF (World Wildlife Fund) is the world’s leading environmental organisation with a commitment to safeguarding the natural world, tackling climate change and helping people to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Influencing the world's financial markets is an essential part of WWF's strategy, since finance serves every industry sector that has a major impact on the environment.