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What You Can Do

Your pension represents your life-long savings and future financial security. You don’t just have a right to know how that money is being used, but also a vested interest in finding out.



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Through your pension investments, you have a share in some of Britain’s leading companies. The actions of those companies have a huge impact on the environment, human rights and the economy. This directly affects the quality of life for millions of people, now and in the future. How your money is invested will affect the kind of world you retire into and what kind of world your grandchildren grow up in.

You are not choosing between ethics or profit: research indicates that companies who neglect environmental and human rights factors are often less stable and profitable in the long-run, which means the same for your pension. So by taking action now, you’re not just safeguarding people’s lives and the future of our planet – you’re also safeguarding your investment.

Don’t wait for someone else to do it. Act today.

We know that speaking out has an impact: the success of our campaigns and those of others show that individuals can change corporate behaviour by  putting pressure  on their pension schemes. Email your pension scheme now to let them know you care how your money is being used and ask them to call big companies to account on environmental and social issues.