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Recruit a Member Organisation

Each of us is in some way directly affected by the decisions of multinational companies, and so, for each of us, there is a good reason to join the FairPensions campaign. The more people who hear our message and get behind it, the more likely it is that Responsible Investment will become the norm - for pensions and beyond.

As an individual you may already have decided to become a supporter of FairPensions. You can add to that support by getting a group you are associated with to join us as a Member Organisation. Whether you are the member of a small faith group or a national trade union, we would love to hear from you.

FairPensions is already supported by a diverse group of member organisations, including trade unions, non-profits, business networks and community groups. Our Member Organisations have a special role: they don't just provide us with valuable funding; they add clout to our campaigns by publicly endorsing our work.

To find out about the benefits of being a member organisation of FairPensions, read our information pack and membership agreement.

To-date, our members have helped us:

  • Change the investment tactics of numerous pension funds and fund managers
  • Persuade the new government ‘super fund' scheduled for launch in 2012 to consult on a Responsible Investment strategy
  • Campaign to make real changes to corporate behaviour both in the developing world and the UK

If you know of a group you think should join FairPensions, then you can:

  • Refer them to our website
  • Download our information pack and membership agreement.
  • Email us with their details so that we can invite them to join