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Our work with Investors

Pension investments have power: the power to effect change

With pension funds' investments totalling around £1.2trillion, or the equivalent of the entire UK stock market, investors can influence corporate behaviour through exercising their shareholder rights and influence. We believe the best way for investors to improve the behaviour of big business (while maximising their own earnings) is through dialogue and persuasion, rather than picking and choosing investments ("screening”). That’s why at FairPensions our focus is on engaging with pension funds, asset managers and pension fund trustees on the issue of Responsible Investment.


FairPensions is eager to keep investors appraised of the rapidly changing landscape of Responsible Investment. We produce Investor Briefings outlining the potential financial risks arising from a range of environmental, social and governance issues. Recent Investor Briefings are available here.

Investor Rankings

Our industry benchmarking surveys have fast become an authoritative guide to the leaders and laggards in the pension industry, as well as a valuable resource on best practice. The very act of regularly measuring industry accountability has resulted in a quantifiable improvement in performance over just two years.

Attending AGMs

FairPensions regularly attends the Annual General Meetings of publicly listed companies to raise environmental, social and governance issues in conjunction with shareholders, civil society organisations and campaigners. A round-up of our AGM activites in 2011 is available here.


Campaigning is a key part of FairPensions' drive towards improving corporate behaviour through Responsible Investment. We aim to mobilise the financial power of  pension investments to create change: as major shareholders in  companies, pension funds have enormous power to improve corporate behaviour on the environment and human rights. FairPensions campaigns to ensure that this investor power is harnessed.

Further Investor Resources

FairPensions offers a range of resources for investors designed to be a one-stop shop for the investment professional who wants to know more about Responsible Investment.