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What we do

FairPensions is the UK’s only charity devoted to campaigning for Responsible Investment in the pensions industry.

Our work is based on evidence that investors who consider human rights, business ethics and the environment in their policies are not only doing what’s morally right, but what’s financially prudent. FairPensions was launched in 2005 and has rapidly gained respect and a track record of success, with our campaigning leaving no stone unturned when it comes to the case for Responsible Investment.

Overview of our Work



We push for specific improvements in corporate environmental and human rights behaviour by working with investors and individual pension fund managers to engage with and put pressure on the corporations in which they hold shares. In recent years we have campaigned on issues including tar sands, climate change, destructive mining projects and access to generic medicines in developing countries.

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Policy making

We engage with a range of policymakers and regulators from across departments and across the political spectrum, as well as with industry bodies and others in the field. We believe that there are some simple measures which could radically improve the quality of shareholder engagement at little or no cost to government or business.

For example, since 2008 we’ve had extensive input into the investment strategy of the government’s new Personal Accounts scheme, which will provide pensions to millions of people in the UK and soon become a major shareholder. Following our work, the Personal Accounts Delivery Authority is now considering a Responsible Investment approach.

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Research & Publications

We provide valuable analysis, tools and insight to the media, individuals, government, industry bodies and investment specialists. Our industry benchmarking surveys are a widely respected guide to the leaders and laggards in the pensions and fund management industries.

We also contribute to the intellectual and policy debate, and are currently holding a seminar series on the future of fiduciary duty in partnership with the Cass Business School.

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Investor Engagement

We work with pension funds, their fund managers and advisors to help overcome the barriers to implementing robust Responsible Investment policies, and to persuade them to use their shareholder power to influence corporate behaviour.

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Civil Society

Our work often involves co-operative campaigns with other charities and unions, increasing the power and reach of our efforts. To date we’ve teamed up with Oxfam and CAFOD to achieve success in our pharmaceuticals and mining campaigns. and with a coalition of over a dozen organisations for our Tar Sands: Counting the Cost campaign.

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Empowering Individuals

We empower individual investors and pension fund trustees to take action through education and online campaign tools.

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More Information

FairPensions' Theory of Change document details our analysis of the problems we seek to address and their underlying causes; the targeted set of institutions we engage with directly; the wider impacts resulting from the approach; the outputs we seek to deliver; the tools we employ and the external support we tap into.

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